Boracay: Beaches and Beers

Back in January I spent three weeks in the Philippines- a country I have wanted to visit for a long time and for good reason, as it turned out to be one of the most naturally beautiful countries I’ve ever been to. The Philippines is made up of over seven thousand islands and over the three weeks I was there I only travelled to four of them, so I barely scratched the surface really. But each of the four islands I visited Cebu, Bohol, Boracay and Palawan had so much to them; so many beautiful places to visit and things to do. All four had incredible scenery with so much colour everywhere- bright blue sky, white sand, turquoise waterfalls, colourful tricycles, orange and pink sunsets, lively coral. Three weeks left me wanting longer to see more!


After a few days in Bohol, where we unfortunately had actually caught a bad stomach, we travelled back to Cebu and flew over to Boracay. I was travelling with Jamie, my boyfriend at the time. There are two airports near Boracay, and we chose to fly into Caticlan airport which is the smaller but closer airport out of the two; the other is called Kalibo and is about an hours drive away. The flight was really nice, very scenic as you fly quite low over Boracay island as the flight turns round toward Caticlan, you could clearly see all the colours which was really cool. After landing, we got a tricycle from the airport to the ferry terminal along crazy roads, and then straight onto a ferry to the island which took about 45 minutes and then a small bus transfer to our hostel to complete the journey. On first impressions, Boracay was a lot busier roads and a bigger island than I was expecting.

We were staying at ‘Frendz’, which was a two minute walk from White Beach, Boracay’s famous 4 km long lovely white sand beach, lined with so many bars and restaurants. Frendz was actually such a good hostel- everyone we met was super friendly, the bedroom was nice and spacious, and the bar and food was really good there. On arrival we dumped our things and explored the beach, walked along the warm white sand and went for a swim in the turquoise sea- gorgeous colours. We then sat down to have our first beer in Boracay! The beach was really busy, full of people from all over the world, and lots of people selling you things. That evening we made some friends and got chatting to people in our hostel, and went down to some bars on the beach. It was fun and has such good nightlife but my stomach was still struggling so much from food poisoning, so I couldn’t stay out late.

White Beach


The following day we signed up to a boozy boat trip around the islands ran by our hostel.  It was meant to leave at 1pm, but left two hours late so we only visited one island out of the three advertised. I found it even more disappointing because I still had such a painful belly so couldn’t drink much- bad timing! In my opinion it was a bit of a sham because it was expensive, and didn’t actually include much- drinks were ‘unlimited’ so those drinking loads still enjoyed it and didn’t even notice! The one island on the itinerary we did visit was called Magic Island and was pretty basic but quite cool; it had some planks where you could jump/ dive into the sea from. But after that the boat literally just headed back, quite a waste of money. We did make some good friends though and had a really good group throughout the day/ night which made up for it.

The next day, to try and make up for the lack of places we should have visited on the boat trip, we took a tricycle to Puka Beach (my choice). It was such a gorgeous beach with a much more laid-back feel to it than White beach- lots of cute wooden bars and everything was decorated with shells or driftwood. We spent a lush day here with a group of friends soaking up the tunes from a reggae bar. We tried to go for a few swims in the sea but the waves were so big that day but we dipped in and got thrown about. It was such a nice day though.

After getting back that night we went to Spider bar to watch the sunset- unfortunately we left it just too late and just missed the sunset but it was a really nice bar all the same. We then once again headed back to White Beach bars and went out. On our last day there we walked along White Beach to explore a little, along the stations right to the end of the beach, as far as you can walk. Once there, we actually decided to get a tricycle back because it took forever and we were knackered from walking on sand! We also walked round some shops and bought some touristy bits and pieces; there was more to Boracay than I even realised! In our hostel that night, there was some live music and free pasta- it was actually a really good night and I’d recommend Frendz hostel just for that! You can do tons of watersports in Boracay but we didn’t have the time unfortunately; as we didn’t have long there our time in Boracay mostly consisted of drinking. It was really really pretty though and lots of fun.

Puka Beach



Some beautiful beaches, sunsets, lots of nights out and on to the next stop- Palawan!


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