Two days in Milan

Back in July, after a couple of days exploring Lake Como in Northern Italy, I travelled down to Milan. I caught the train, which took about an hour and only cost about four euros which was super cheap! When I arrived, it was about 9pm and I found my hostel which was only about five minutes walk from the Central Station. It was called Ostello Bello Grande and was genuinely one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in! That night they were running a quiz in the bar but unfortunately because of my long day of swimming in lakes, my priority was a shower over anything else so I missed the majority of it. Once clean, I went down for my free ‘welcome drink’, and immediately made some friends, it had such a good atmosphere.

The next morning (a bit hungover) I ate my free breakfast at the hostel and then caught the metro to see the Duomo, the huge famous cathedral. I was impressed with how easily Milan’s metro system was to use- it was so straightforward and tickets were 1.50 euros, which you could use for unlimited travel for ninety minutes. When you first come up the steps from the metro station, the Duomo is an impressive sight. After taking a few photos from the front of the cathedral, trying to avoid all the con men trying to selling you things, I then paid a fee to go up on to the roof. Stairs were cheaper than the lift so up I went! The climb was pretty steep but it was actually a really cool view from the top, you could see the skyscrapers of the business district in the distance. It was so hot walking around though, and even hotter up on the roof! It was quite a muggy heat. Once back down, I walked around Galleria Borromeo which is a big fancy art gallery style shopping centre and then stopped for a cocktail sitting in front of the Duomo. I had a hugo cocktail which was delicious, and with it, got given some snacks.



That afternoon, tired of walking in the heat, I paid to go on a City Sightseeing Bus. It had three routes that took you round different places; a historical route and a sports route and cultural route. I stayed on the bus for a few hours until I’d completed each route, and amongst other things, I saw the building where the famous ‘Last Supper’ painting is kept. We also stopped at San Siro which is AC Milan and Sporting Milan’s stadium, so that was cool too.  The architecture in Milan is so impressive, every single building is pretty! I couldn’t stop taking photos of buildings and roads.

Once off the bus I walked back to the Duomo, as its so central and met up with one of my new hostel friends for dinner. I had been recommended the Straf hotel bar to be good for an aperitif (by a friend who used to live in Milan) so decided to head there. I bought an amazing cocktail for ten euros and got a few plates of aperitif food to come with it and it was so amazing! Aperitif food is just the best idea ever, essentially snacky food before dinner as you drink. After that, we caught the metro back to the hostel, and started chatting to a huge group of people in the bar there and went out clubbing. We went to hip hop club which was so much fun!





The next morning (very hungover) I had to check out of my hostel but my flight wasn’t until the evening. I wanted to find somewhere to do some sunbathing to top up the tan and asked the hostel for a swimming pool recommendation. I took the metro and found the pool and it was very closed- there were weeds growing everywhere! I lay in the park for a bit anyway but it got so hot without any thing to cool down in. I followed my maps to another pool but that seemed closed too. I gave up and returned to the hostel to pack up.

I had a bit of a disaster getting to the airport. My flight was from Malpensa airport, I had intended to get the train and planned to get the Malpensa Express. I bought my ticket and waited for the platform and bought a slice of pizza to eat on the train. Then suddenly my train was cancelled and I had to run to a platform where the one from half an hour before was taking a last few passengers. After sprinting I found a seat and dropped my pizza face down! I sat there for a while and then the driver said it wasn’t going to leave any time soon so anyone catching flights should get a coach. I followed the crowds outside and had no cash left (flipping pizza). Tried to get cash out but no money left on my travel card and no WiFi to top it up. Finally found a cafe selling bus tickets on card thank goodness. The queue system was a mess. Everyone had different tickets and some people were buying them from the drivers. I got to the front of one queue to be told my ticket wouldn’t work on that bus and to join the back of another queue. I asked at the front of that queue whether my ticket would be accepted and was told not to push in- it was just insane. When I finally got to the front, I was one of the last ones on and just left my bag out for the man to put it in the hold and was hoping it wasn’t left on the kerb! I had to stuff my pizza slice into it because no bins. Finally after all the drama I got to the airport, rushed through security and used the last of my euro cents to buy another pizza. Just about made my flight, it was very stressful!

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