Short & sweet – Bacalar, Mexico

I have noticed recently that I have so many unfinished articles sitting in my drafts, that I am making a conscious effort to publish them – even if shorter than usual!

Back in December 2018, I travelled by bus from Guatemala to Mexico, which was the last country I was to visit in my Central American trip. The bus journey started in Flores in Guatemala, travelling through Belize, to Chetumal in Mexico. I didn’t have much time to hang around in Chetumal, so headed straight up to my next destination, a pretty little town called Bacalar.

I arrived quite late after the long journey. I got dropped off at the bus station and then took a taxi to my hostel. At first impressions, Bacalar was a very quiet town which made walking around at night on my own quite creepy – I was quite happy to meet up with two people for dinner that I had made friends with on the bus. We headed to the only lively street we could find, and sat outside a cute little restaurant with plastic chairs. To celebrate our first night in Mexico, we all ate lots of tacos and drunk coronas with lime – the first of many!

The next day we joined an organised trip to Lake Bacalar, the main draw point for this little town. Known as La Laguna De Los Siete Colores, the lake has a variety colours depending on the lake’s varying depths – we saw several shades of turquoise blue, green, black. We jumped in and swum at different points, and the temperature varied with the colours. It was absolutely beautiful!

Where we picked the boat up from

The following day I was keen to move on to Tulum because there wasn’t much else to do in Bacalar!

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