North & Central America

I have visited the USA twice, once way back when in 2008 and once more recently in 2017. Both times I have travelled with family and we have based ourselves in Los Angeles, where we have family living. On the most recent trip, we also spent time in Hollywood, San Diego,  Las Vegas (Nevada), Tempe and the Grand Canyon (Arizona).

I visited some of Central America in 2018 in October- December just gone. I visited Panama, Costa Rica for about twelve days in each, and then flew across to Guatemala, where I spent just under three weeks, and then to the Yucatan Coast of Mexico, where I spent two weeks before flying home from Cancun. I didn’t have enough time in any of those countries (because of jobs/ money etc) and would love longer

I would love to go back to both areas. I’d like to see more of the States, maybe visit places along the East Coast in the future. In Central America, I’d love to spend more time everywhere, in Panama and Costa Rica I had to pick and choose a few places, and missed out loads. Guatemala I absolutely loved, and would love to go back and explore more. In regards to the other countries, this is when there were political problems in Nicaragua last year so had to skip it, but I’d love to go there, El Salvador and Honduras, now I’m more confident. Belize I skipped also because of money, after Panama and Costa Rica my money was running low. Mexico is a whole world of its own, I’d love to spend a couple of months there. And of course I want to see some of the Caribbean. Future plans!