The Incredible Komodo Islands | Indonesia

As a David Attenborough fan, I figuredย I couldn't go all the way to Indonesia and not see Komodo dragons! I was a bit nervous because its not such a well trodden path, but at this point I was with my friend Jordan soย  at least I wasn't doing it on my own. So we booked … Continue reading The Incredible Komodo Islands | Indonesia

Bali Bali Bali | Kuta, Ubud and Mount Batur

Back in May last year, after travelling Australia I flew to Southeast Asia to visit three countries I hadn't been to on my previous trips: Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.ย I didn't have long altogether, with a flight booked home from Singapore in six weeks time, so I had to choose how to spend my time wisely! … Continue reading Bali Bali Bali | Kuta, Ubud and Mount Batur