My Week Volunteering at Elephants World | Thailand

This is another throwback blog post from my first trip away, five years ago to Thailand. I had booked to travel for a month, during my university holidays and I decided to extend my trip for a week, to go and volunteer at the Elephants Sanctuary I had visited earlier in the trip. I was … Continue reading My Week Volunteering at Elephants World | Thailand

Two days in Milan

Back in July, after a couple of days exploring Lake Como in Northern Italy, I travelled down to Milan. I caught the train, which took about an hour and only cost about four euros which was super cheap! When I arrived, it was about 9pm and I found my hostel which was only about five … Continue reading Two days in Milan

Malaysia, Truly Asia

Kuala Lumpur After a week in Borneo, I spent just over a week in Malaysian mainland, arriving first into the capital Kuala Lumpur quite late at night. The following day we got up early to go exploring, and already even at that time although it was overcast, it was really muggy and hot! Our first … Continue reading Malaysia, Truly Asia

Whale Sharks and Waterfalls in Oslob | Philippines

Swimming with whale sharks in Oslob in the Filipino island of Cebu has become quite a controversial activity, because people are concerned about how domesticated these wild animals have become. They used to migrate naturally, but fishermen started to feed them, to attract tourists. Obviously this has unfortunately disrupted their feeding patterns and resulted in a … Continue reading Whale Sharks and Waterfalls in Oslob | Philippines


  This is a long overdue post about a trip I made to South East Asia back in 2015. I had previously visited Thailand back in 2013, and so in 2015 my friend Katie and I just spent a week in Thailand and then two months travelling Cambodia and Vietnam together. I then continued on … Continue reading Cambodiaaa

The Incredible Komodo Islands | Indonesia

As a David Attenborough fan, I figured I couldn't go all the way to Indonesia and not see Komodo dragons! I was a bit nervous because its not such a well trodden path, but at this point I was with my friend Jordan so  at least I wasn't doing it on my own. So we booked … Continue reading The Incredible Komodo Islands | Indonesia

Throwback To My First Trip | Thailand

This is actually a reminiscent post about my first trip to Thailand a few years back , so I'm kind of cheating here but 1) I didn't have a blog website back then and 2) I'm not away at the moment so have to reminisce about something! So back to the beginning- in between university studies, I took my … Continue reading Throwback To My First Trip | Thailand

Fun in the Philippines! First Stop, Bohol

I just got back from three weeks in the Philippines- a country I have wanted to visit for a long time and for good reason, as it turned out to be one of the most naturally beautiful countries I've ever been to. The Philippines is made up of over seven thousand islands and over the three weeks I was there I only … Continue reading Fun in the Philippines! First Stop, Bohol

Orangutans in Beautiful Borneo

Borneo is somewhere I had wanted to visit for years, mainly because of my love for orangutans and my long-term dream of seeing them in their natural habitat. As I did some research, I realised I might also be able to see my other two favourite animals in Borneo too; elephants and turtles. So off I went to Borneo with … Continue reading Orangutans in Beautiful Borneo

Bali Bali Bali | Kuta, Ubud and Mount Batur

Back in May last year, after travelling Australia I flew to Southeast Asia to visit three countries I hadn't been to on my previous trips: Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. I didn't have long altogether, with a flight booked home from Singapore in six weeks time, so I had to choose how to spend my time wisely! … Continue reading Bali Bali Bali | Kuta, Ubud and Mount Batur